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Firestone Air-Command F3
Air Command™ F3 Wireless Air Compressor Kit

The Wireless Air Compressor Kit combines the ECU and valve block into one easy to install unit. The air lines and wiring harness plug into the same side for easy installation and routing of lines and power supply. No wire splicing and only three wires to the vehicle.

Air Command F3 Wireless Air Compressor Kit

Ride-Rite™ Extreme Duty

Ride-Rite™ Extreme Duty kits are built to extreme specifications for the most demanding applications.
Firestone continues to develop the highest quality products that outperform anything else on the market.
Red label kits contain:Commercial-grade bellows and high strength steel components.
Ride-Rite Extreme Duty Applications

Ride-Rite Red Label Kit
Ride-Rite™ All-In-One Wireless/Analog Kits

Ride-Rite™ All-In-One Wireless/Analog Kits come with air springs,compressor,air accessories and all components needed for install. This allows for one part number and a discounted overall price. Available in both wireless* and analog.

*Wireless kit features the new Air Command F3 Air Compressor Kit
All-In-One Applications