Whatever you ride and wherever you go - take the high road.

No matter what you’re hauling or what you’re hauling with, we’ve got a load support system that can improve your ride and level your load.

Cost Indicator
Most Kits Are No Drill   no drill icon
Avg. Install Time
1-2 hrs.
30-40 min.
Special Tools
Optional Accessories
Increases vehicle stability & reduces sway
Absorbs road shock
Reduces suspension fatigue
Keeps vehicle level
Air adjustable to level off-center loads
Improves loaded ride
Optional air compressor & load adaptive shocks
Airide suspension for pickup trucks
No-drill installation
Greatly improves ride quality, esp. unloaded
Kneeling feature lowers rear of vehicle 5+"
Includes compressor kit & load adaptive shocks

The workhorse of our air helper spring line, Ride-Rite springs can be installed on most light trucks, motorhomes, RV’s, SUV’s and vans. They are installed between your vehicle’s frame and axle and provide variable load support through adjusting the air pressure. Ride-Rite springs can re-level your heavily loaded vehicle. Sport-Rite air springs, like Ride-Rite air helper springs, improve ride and handling. While Ride-Rite kits include convoluted style air springs, Sport-Rite kits include innovative tapered sleeve air springs, which are more conducive for specific applications.

Ride-Rite kit W217602550
Firestone Air-Command F3

Air-Rite Air Control Systems increase the convenience of air adjustable systems by allowing drivers to adjust the ride for various load and road conditions at the flip of a switch or even a click on a remote. You can choose complete kit or individual air accessory components to create the air control assist solution that best meets your needs.


Coil-Rite air helper springs provide extra support for coil springs in cars, minivans, vans, light trucks, RV’s and SUV’s. Adjusting the air pressure in Coil-Rite springs will level your vehicle, provide a smoother ride and assist with more effective braking and handling, even under heavy loading and rough road conditions. 


Level-Rite springs pair the air spring with the shock absorber to achieve meaningful load capacity in factory suspension configurations that don’t allow for stand-alone air spring fittings. They provide the perfect leveling solution for the front end of late model Dodge,Chevrolet and GM trucks and SUV’s. This is a good solution if you have a snowplow, a large bumper and winch, or a slide-in camper that loads the front axle. 

Level-Rite kit