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Key Installation Tips
  • For Air Springs
    Ride-Rite kit mounted on frame
    Air Spring Alignment

    Air Spring alignment is important to the operation of your air helper spring kit. Upon installation, visually align the air spring. There is no need to use a level or other measuring device because the air springs are very forgiving, if it's off a fraction you should be fine. Most kits allow for movement of the upper and lower brackets to assist in making the air spring vertical. Position the brackets so the upper and lower brackets are parallel. The most important item to consider when placing the air spring
    is design height. As long as the proper design height is maintained and the air spring is as vertical as possible your kit will provide you with years of service.

    Push to connect fittings
    Push-to-Connect Fittings

    Firestone's push-to-connect fittings are extremely easy to use. Once the length of air line has been selected to span the distance from the air springs to the inflation valves simply use a sharp knife to cut the air line as square as possible (DO NOT use hand cutters or other devices that may deform the end of the air line) then push the air line into the fitting as far as possible. That's all there is to it.

    Ride-Rite installed product
    Air Spring Clearance

    After installing your air helper spring kit make sure you have at least 1/2" of clearance around the entire air spring. A good rule of thumb is to use the thickness of your hand and feel around the entire air spring if you hand comes in contact with an object on the vehicle you may have a problem. If the object can be moved relocate it if it cannot contact Firestone for further assistance.

  • For Air Accessory Systems
    Compressor Mount
    Direct Drive Compressors

    All Firestone compressors are direct drive compressors (no oil or belts). This means the compressor can be mounted in any position without detriment to the compressor.

    Compressor 9377,9284,9285,9287
    Ignition Activation

    When connecting the compressor to a hot wire on the vehicle make sure it is ignition activated. This will eliminate the compressor running when the vehicle is shut off.

    Compressor Mount
    Compressor Positioning

    The compressors can be mounted under the hood or on the frame rail behind a cross member. Keep in mind to allow enough air to flow to the compressor and to place it in a protected area.

Our no-drill assemblies are designed for easy installment. To help out, we’ve got video demos, installation manuals and tips for proper installment. Or feel free to contact a service rep with any questions.