Air-Rite™ Air Control Systems

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Firestone offers a line of Air-Rite™ Air Control Systems, which provide an instant air source for air suspension products. Choose how to adjust your ride for various load and road conditions with the flip of a switch, a click of a remote or even by using an app through your cell phone.

Air-Rite Air Control Products
Firestone has expanded the offering of our Air Rite Air Control Systems, with the new Air Command F3 Wireless Air Compressor Kit. See full details on the F3 click here

Individual air accessory components are also available including gauges, compressors, air tanks, and mounting solutions, providing a wide variety of air control assist solutions.

Check out some of our more popular options below
Control Panels

Whether you need single or dual (side-to-side) load leveling control, we have a number of analog, digital and wireless gauge options for adjusting the air in your springs.These gauges can be mounted to your, dash, clipped to your visor or kept in your glovebox or console.

Firestone has just expanded the offering of Air-Rite Air Control Systems with our latest wireless kit,
Air Command™ F3 Wireless Air Compressor Kit

Compressor 9377,9284,9285,9287

Firestone's air compressors are included in most Air Command Systems but may also be purchased separately. All Firestone compressors are direct drive compressors(no oil or belts), so compressors can be mounted in any position.

Air-Rite tanks

Firestone offers a wide selection of air tanks ranging for 1/4 gallon to 20 gallons. These air tanks are coated internally and externally to resist corrosion. They are tested to SAE J1- compliance and capable of 150 PSI maximum pressure.