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Customers have counted on us for over 75 years. There’s a reason for that. Actually there are three: Quality, Reliability and Service. Ride-Rite was the first and is the last manufacturer of air springs in the United States. Our quality is second to none. Our air spring products are the most reliable on the road with the warranty to back it up. And if you’ve got a question or a problem, from installation to maintenance to finding the right spring for your vehicle, we’re here to help.

Warranty Info

1 Year
2 Year
Limited Lifetime Warranty
Air Leveling Systems - Rubber Products
Ride-Rite, Sport-Rite, Coil-Rite, Level-Rite
Brackets and Hardware
Air Springs
Load Assist Springs Systems - Urethane Products
Bumpers, Hardware and Brackets
Air-Rite Accessories
Light Duty
Standard Duty
Heavy Duty
Brackets, Hardware, Fittings and Airline
Submitting a Warranty Claim:

Step 1. Review the Full Warranty Guide
Step 2. Submit the online form by going to Contact Us and selecting Warranty Claim
Email RRTech@fsip.com with the following information:

  • Vehicle Make, Model, and Year

  • Clear photos of the issue

  • Purchase date

  • Contact information

  • Please do not return the air springs to the dealer or distributor.

    International customers should contact their distributors or dealers directly with any issues.